segunda-feira, 19 de novembro de 2012

Paz, finalmente - afirmação para mais tarde recordar

Riquinho: "Já tenho tudo o que quero e preciso"

Professional slackers

Online stalkers
Fun and happiness chasers
Bloggers, facebook users and onliners
That's what we all are
HTM and CSS players
That dwell on 0s and 1s
Looking for the perfect design
Wannabe digital artists and makers 
Surrounded by colours, sounds and effects
Which leads us to a virtual world
From which we are no longer
Able to escape...nor do we want to
Word senders and readers
Eager for attention and emotions
Strangers in a strange new world
A world that is going faster than
Our minds can perceive
Train catchers who sometimes miss it
Entertainers and entertainees