quarta-feira, 28 de junho de 2006

Just one question

Bífido, have you ever gone to Freixo-de-Espada-à-Cinta? :P I doubt it.
Thanks for your previous comments, guys, but none of you guessed where that photo was taken. I admit it was kinda hard, though, as I had not given you any clue - it was on purpose, of course. I dont want to give away a prize just like that , ya know? :P
Let's get serious now. The correct answer is: ALASKA.
Alaska is the last state of the USA, bought by the Americans to the Russians - a very cold, freezing one, full of beautiful landscapes, with gorgeous sunsets like this one, with an amazing "aurora boreal" and the place where a "beautiful stranger" lives
And why am I writing this in English? 'cause the person who sent it to me yesterday is going to read this and I dont want him to forget the endless hours we spent laughing, sharing, gossiping, playing, visiting, making fun, talking seriously...and so on, and so on...
So, Mr.JoJo (ya'd think I had forgotten this one uh?), keep sending these, as U know they are appreciated - even if U dont get a word of what my commentators say :P

3 comentários:

  1. I wouldn't have guessed. I can't see the snow, the iced lakes or the mountains. But the aurora boreal is just amazing.

    Nice picture.

  2. Whatafuck! Afinal fartas-te de me criticar por às vezes falar contigo em inglês e tu postas uma destas! :P
    Ora lá está, freixo-de-espada-à-cinta fica no noroeste do Alaska junto à cidade de Kotzebue. Santa ignorãncia ;)

  3. I agree with Gina... This doesnt look like a natural image from Alaska ( not like i've been there or anything or anywhere close, at least phisical cus spiritual i was) so i guess i would kinda expect more like some breathless landscapes with tall ice top mountains and deep forests, rather then what seems a shallow water swamp at sunset.

    Thou its a very nice image, yes sir it is.


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